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About Us

Personalized Approach


A bit about us... Catskill Custom Closets began in the early 2000s to answer the organizational needs demanded by today's busy lifestyles.  At that time, the area was seeing a great influx of people moving into the region from the city, suburbs and New Jersey areas.  New houses, second homes and existing home renovations all benefited from having a professional make the most of any given storage space.  

Originated, owned, and operated by area resident Jay Mendels, Catskill Custom Closets offers local coverage of the Sullivan and Orange County regions (and beyond!).  We are a company that has worked very hard to earn the respect of our customers (as seen in the many testimonials and recommendations gathered over the years).

Excellence and Professionalism 

While researching this venture, Jay, a local businessman with the gift of craftsmanship, worked and trained down south at Florida Classic Closets - a long-running and well-respected Florida State storage design company started by a family member.  The insider's knowledge gained from this excursion instilled a great sense of pride and accomplishment from being able to bring these skills to the Hudson Valley region. 

In the years since, we have earned our reputation as a leader in the industry...  offering the best in service, quality, and personal attention to your storage needs!

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